Monday, April 14, 2008


We are going to be moving over the next couple months, when I find out an exact date I will let everyone know. Our new house is off Man O War near Harrodsburg Rd. I will still operate my studio out of my home. Over the next couple years we will be building a studio over garage. Here are a few pictures of my new house. (It is an old house that needs some TLC). We are all really excited about the move.

We are never moving again. (I hope) Keep us in your prayers and if you know anyone who is looking in the Hamburg area for a beautiful home.

Here is the link to the MLS listing for my current home.

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Susie said...

It must be a family thing, we are moving back to Georgetown. I want to see more pictures of your kitchen. It looks awesome. I want to come and see it. I love older homes.